Corner Sofa With Storage

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These sofa beds with storage is a great space saver and super comfortable to boot. Underneath the removable back cushions, you’ll find hidden storage that can easily accommodate some of your coats, books or shoes.

Foldable for easy storage when not in use, this bed will be up your alley no matter how tight on space you are. Plus, if you happen to have extra guests over during the holidays or a slumber party at home one night, these sofa beds are perfect for a quick changeover.

These sofa beds with storage are lightweight, so it’s easy to move if you need to rearrange your living room. The extra cushions are removable and the sofa bed is available in a range of colours and fabrics. If you are looking for a versatile and distinguished corner sofa bed, look no further than this one. Some have a reversible, super slim design, and plenty of storage options.

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